Friday, February 1, 2013

Gelli Print fun

So I've had a Gelli Arts printing plate for a while. I played with it a little when I first got it, but really got inspired after watching Christy Sobolewski's You Tube offering and Karen Ellis's Gelli Printed Painting Background along with Teesha Moore's Amazing 16-page Journal.

Here are the results!

This is one side of the 20" x 28" cold-pressed watercolor paper I printed:

And the other side:

Then it was time to cut up the sheet and make the journal:

one cover
the other side ... cannot decide which will be the front.

And then the next day I had to make another one!

My favorite page!

My second favorite page

The journal with closure ... changed the cover style and I like this one better.

Had lots of fun and will probably be printing again tomorrow, as I have learned how to make my own printing plates (to use in place of stencils) and want to give them a try. 

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