Sunday, July 28, 2013

Just about to head to bed but wanted to get a few thoughts down.

This weekend included a quick trip to the ocean for Craig and I so we could celebrate (quietly) our 26th wedding anniversary. He loves the ocean ... granted, he mostly loves the ocean during the stormy fall and winter months ... so what better than to stay at our favorite place. After this weekend, we were reminded why we like our favorite place in the off season! Too many people, too much noise, bad food, bad service, and a rotten frame of mind = a not so great anniversary weekend.

Ah well, we got to spend time together ... alone, no phones/computers, kids and their "things" ... just us. Should be a good thing, but honestly sometimes it's not. We're just not "geling (sp)" these days. We've been here before; I know we'll get through it, and I know we'll be here again. That's just how our relationship has ebbed and flowed over the years. BUT ... it would've been nice if THIS weekend could have been ... well, better.

So I'm left very tired, unrested, a bit stress and anxious about where we're at right now.

I brought home some sand to use in my art journal, thanks to inspiration from Mandee J.! I'm looking forward to trying this out. I'm sad that I left behind two local attractions booklets in the hotel room. I'm sure I have others around I can use though.

I posted these photos from our weekend on Facebook already, but thought I'd add them here, too.

 I was surprised to see any sunset Saturday evening,
because the marine layer had been overhead all day.

 It was really stunning how quickly
the sun sets.

There she goes!

It's always fun to find a road named after you!

I thought this was a pretty little framed path
that lead to the beach where people were digging for oysters.

Another stunning viewpoint along the way. This is along Hwy 302.
This was our first time going home this way. Neither of us had
ever driven across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

I wish we could have gotten the entire house in the photo.
This is a 50-60's style rambler with these two restored classics parked in the driveway ...
pretty cool sight to see!

Good night!

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