Sunday, September 1, 2013

Face 2 of (hopefully) 29

Facing page to yesterday's face ...
same materials.
I'm really kind of scared to try to paint these beyond where they're at right now ... 
good thing I don't have to decide today. I think I'll enjoy them the way they are for right now.
Yay me! #2 done!

I wanted to thank everyone for such gracious comments left on my first post of this challenge!
I wish I could respond to each one, and I might be able to on some days.
For now, please know that I so appreciate the encouragement you offer. xo


  1. Your pieces are beautiful. I look forward to seeing what you create each and every day.

  2. It is a mammoth task trying to visit everyone - I'm still not through the entire list of everyone's day 1 face (I hope you feel HIGHLY honoured that I'm here visiting you on day 2! *g*) Just love that combination of greys against such a colourful background - can see why you want to hold off a while :)

  3. It is a big job to get around to everyone. If it had not been Sunday I wouldn't have made it. I'm thinking that maybe visiting several times a week and looking at more than one day's entries might be easier. So I may be heard from only a few times a week.

    This is a gorgeous face. I love the background, too.

  4. I love that it has the same colors as the day 1 face. Makes a great set!

  5. Another super face. You have a great technique!

  6. I know exactly what you mean about the painting aspect, as I have the same fear. Another super face which is beautiful as it is.

  7. I really like your style, great artwork love