Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Face 5

Face #5
Gessoed paper, Acrylic paint, stencils, baby wipes, Stabilo All pencil, and water.


  1. I really enjoy the way you paint backgrounds and faces, the girls are so beautifull

  2. You are going to get wonderful serie about these paintings. Great!

  3. She's lovely! In fact, all the faces posted so far are! Merry creating!

  4. Lovely texture on her face... she seems content.

  5. Lovely texture on her face... she seems content.

  6. Your work is so inspiring!
    Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  7. I really love the way your doing your faces...getting to see the beautiful backgrounds through the faces...*sigh*...Just gorgeous! <3

    Do you like the Stabilo All pencils? I've been eye-balling them, but I'm on a spending to watch the moolah. I'm wondering if you like the Stabilo better than a charcoal pencil or even a regular pencil?

    1. Thanks, Sweet Red! I'm hoping to get by a few blogs tomorrow when I have more free time; your blog is at the top of the list!

      I really am liking the Stabilo All pencil. They're not that expensive, but they're not easy to find either. I like that they're on the creamy side so they glide over the surface. I LOVE what happens when you take a wet brush to the lines. Once it's completely dry, it seems to be permanent.

      I'd say, when you've got a little dough to spare, to pick one up and see what you think. I wish I could find them local to me, because they're less than $2. Thanks for visiting my blog! xo

  8. Not familiar with Stabilo All, but I am enjoying your art very much.