Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Faces 20 - 23

I've only had time to sketch in my little purse sketchbook and scraps of paper.
That's been a fun little switch up.






  1. I like 22 with the head tilted. I drew my granddaughter who had her head tilted ever so slightly. She ended up looking straight ahead ;-). Now I am trying again so I can paint her. Maybe, just maybe I will get it right this time.

  2. I really like your sketches a lot, especially #21 -- really great lines and use of the page.

  3. Your people are so peaceful looking. I especially like #22 with her eyes closed, breathing in the world.

  4. really beautifuL! Especially the one with the bird. Truly breathtaking!

  5. You made lovely sketches and I love the backgrounds you made!! Your granddaughter's drawing was also fabulous!! You are almost there; only 5 more to go!!
    I have finished my 29 faces, so I now have some time to visit all the participants of the challenge :-)
    Have a great sunday!
    xxx Marianne MW