Saturday, August 3, 2013

A summer day at the Farmer's Market/Art Festival

This morning I took a long walk while the weather was cooler. It really started warming up on my way back to the house. And it has evolved into a gorgeous summer day!

After my walk, I immediately tackled the lawn ... well let me try that again! With so little rain this summer (we had 35 days of no measurable rain until yesterday), and we have so little grass growing through the weeds that our lawn is composed of, that I was merely mowing down the weeds' flower stalks. It's looking much better out there ... and even green in some spots, thanks to the buttercups, clover, and some other weed that's doing really well out there!

Then off to release the grime ... then I grabbed my 23 yo daughter and we headed to Edmonds for the Art Festival -- or so I thought.

It seemed more Farmer's Market to me than Art Festival. But we still had fun ... even brought home some lovely smelling soaps and yummy peaches.

Ran into one of my neighbors who has the most beautiful flower beds around. Turns out she has a glass studio in her home and makes the beautiful glass flower stakes you'll see below. I will have to be saving up for some of those! She made them so that you can completely adjust the head of the flower's angle. Love them! I don't think my quick photos do them justice, though so I'll post her website under the photos.

Some more sights from today, because you cannot go to this town without seeing the water or walking on the beach, and we hadn't visited the Marsh Park in a while (where we were treated to seeing 5 Great Blue Herons):

I don't know if you can see him, but there is Great Blue Heron standing to the left of that large clump of grass near the upper left side of this photo. At the time I took the photo, I didn't realize there were four other Great Blue Herons in the tall grass (more in the center of the photo). You can kind of see two of them, if you know what you're looking for.

He is standing very tall in this one!

OK, off to check Facebook real quick, post my link and get myself into my art studio!

Speaking of this Blog Challenge from Effy Wild: I don't know how any of you are keeping up with checking out everyone's blogs, because I know I certainly don't have time to get to them all ... but I sure wish I did!!! So all that to say, I really appreciate the comments that you leave. It means a lot to me that you have come here to read AND leave a comment! 

The Glitterhood is such a unique and special community. I heart it so much!


  1. What a wonderful day ~ thanks for sharing it with us. It was like a mini vaca for me!

  2. Your area of the world looks BEAUTIFUL! Ahhh!

    My yard is totally mostly weeds, too. Or the kind of grass that gives "paper" cuts :/ blech! I'd rather have the low-lying flowery groundcover weeds. :)

  3. I'm keeping up as best I can, and I agree with you. The Glitterhood is super special. <3